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So, yesterday was a crazy day. I nearly even called in sick, thanks to some major cramps, but thank God I didn’t. Michael Jackson died, and even though I’m not the type to idolize famous people (I still can’t think of what my favorite Michael Jackson song is), when I realized how much his death affected so many people, I made my night that much harder by suggesting we host a live chat during our 8-11 p.m. coverage on KCAL 9. (It’s not hard, but moderating chat rooms and watching out for the yahoos can be annoying.)


But even though newspapers may be a relic in the future, you know everyone is going for their front page to see how their pop icon was treated. Trinity’s page from last night kind of inspired this post, but I also wanted to give some props to our SoCal newspapers.

The LAT, Daily News and Daily Breeze all selected performance photos of MJ, with the Daily news including a photo of young Mike on the bottom. Farrah Fawcett also has a prominent place on each page.


The Register went with a not-often seen photo of MJ, that almost looks like a cartoon from a distance plus MJ’s many faces along the bottom, and put Farrah as a banner. The Sun went with a nice silhouette photo, but its kind of ruined by the faces haphazardly splashed across the off-center. The PE went big with the fans, and also included his many faces.


I didn’t hear from Trinity until 11 p.m., and his first message to me was, I’m tired of Michael Jackson. But I really thought his page was awesome. My friend, uber designer Belinda, says she would’ve liked it better in color, but I like the gray scale huge photo — its very iconic. She thought it looked grainy, but I’ve seen the actual paper and it looks wonderful. And I remember him that way — performing, pre-surgery.

They apparently threw A1 at him as soon as he walked in, and piled open pages on him throughout the night. But he was going for collectible, and collectible they got. He also managed to get a great photo of Farrah in there, near the top. Awesome.

My hubby rocks!

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