Just call me color

I’m actually quite glad Rick Garcia came to our station; it was concerning me that our many newscasts were increasingly being dominated by females. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I do like balance.

But I was less than ecstatic when I realized marketing was setting up some promo shots right at my desk. I did run away for a bit, but I actually did have to get some work done, so I sat down for a second to do it, and ended up getting caught in the background of the shot.

I didn’t even realize the spot started airing until my old boss (now at KTLA) left me a note on my Facebook, telling me he saw me in it. I was like, “what! I haven’t even seen it!”

Anyway, I did ask all my coworkers and everyone on Facebook to find the spot and record it for me, but I ended up finding it at work. So yeah. There I am in the background, with my characteristic single earbud in my left ear. Possibly eating something. And I can’t even remember what shirt that is I’m wearing. Criminy.

Here’s the video. Don’t blink or you’ll miss me!

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