A cool Memorial Day

I marveled at the weather  as we listened to the elite runners cross the finish line at the L.A. Marathon while driving to Garden Grove for my friend’s funeral. I knew that the runners had been lamenting (a nicer word for whining) about the move to Memorial Day Holiday and mentioned it to Trinity. Trinity and his family used to live in the heart of L.A. and he told me that it was always a nightmare trying to get to church on marathon day; the race route once went right past the front doors of his church.

The weather was no excuse for complaining that marathon day shouldn’t be on Memorial Day, especially since today’s race had ideal weather — overcast and cool. I think it was God’s way of pointing out that if you honor His day, He’ll give you good weather.

Just tell it like it is — you don’t care about people who want to go to church. You just want to have your race when you want to have it. You’re probably thinking, what’s one Sunday a year? In fact, they kind of say it plain here what they really think of those who faithfully attend church services:

So religious leaders be damned – the City Council has finally come to its senses.

Ugh. Could better wording have been used? Probably.

Instead of muscling your way into what is a day set aside for the Lord for a good portion of L.A.’s population, how about moving it to more secular real estate? Maybe Brentwood, Westwood or Venice? Oh, wait. Those people have money and even more lobbying power and would never allow the masses to congregate on their sidewalks. Never mind. OK. So just keep screwing the poor people with little lobbying power the bad sense to believe in God.