Wedding in Malibu

Jinah and Matt's weddingAfter several months of back-and-forth wedding planning over email with Jinah, she is now a married woman, after a spectacular wedding at a Malibu house — more like a mansion, but you know, that’s semantics.

The wedding itself was very beautiful, the ceremony done by a very funny AAJA San Diego chapter veteran by the name of Lee Ann Kim.

I hate to admit this, though, but I was distracted by my pain throughout the night. First off, I stood throughout the ceremony so I could rush to the back and light the floating candles before everyone sat down for dinner. But the ceremony went a little longer than I anticipated, so I stood in my medium-height heels and developed a nice knot in each calf that I’m still feeling a day later.

Not only that, I was headach-y and tired the entire night from decorating throughout the day in direct sun (and remember, Saturday was a really hot day), with little water and little sleep. And not only that, I still had to climb that super tall ladder in my dress and bare feet (since I was not about to climb a ladder in heels) in order to take the draping down from the portico, where the ceremony was held.

And I fully blame my dehydration and lack of sleep for my irritableness that day. I had originally planned on finishing decorating by 2 p.m., which would have worked out if the candles arrived on time, but these things never go according to schedule. If we had been on schedule, Trinity and I would have been able to get ready at home. Instead, we rushed to the mall for a new tie for Trinity, to El Pollo Loco for some quick sustenance and then home to shower quickly and collect our things.

As we arrived back at the house, I found guests milling around the house. I hadn’t put the flowers in the pool yet, didn’t spread the flower petals yet and I hadn’t draped the cake table either! Then, I saw that the caterer had bogarted all the Gerber daisies and used them on the buffet tables! I was so upset, I nearly cried. I draped the cake table quickly (and not very well, so I didn’t post any pictures), spread the rose petals, and took all my Gerber daisies off the buffet tables and tossed them onto the pool, where the fountains promptly pushed them to the sides. Sigh. Don’t forget, as the guests milled around, I was in a T-shirt and pants, still red from all the sun I’d gotten earlier that day.

Jinah and Matt's wedding

Long story short — I quickly got ready and dressed, Trinity got gussied up and Jinah and Matt got married. And, one more thing — I think I now know for a fact that barring a layoff, I probably won’t go into the wedding decoration business full time. I seriously forgot how tiring the whole thing can be. But I suppose it was extra tiring for me, seeing as how I am doing a whole bunch of other things besides preparing for and decorating weddings, like, oh, working my news job, studying and coordinating AAJA stuff while Jinah is preoccupied.

And if you would like to see all the photos I posted, the set is here. And if you want to see what I wrote from the decoration point-of-view, read all about it here.