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Need cash? You may be considering trading in old cell phones, iPods and other gadgets for cash. Of course, the older and more battered your gadget is, the less you’ll get for it. But seeing as how our cell phones were not super old, and other sites I’d considered were still offering amounts into the teens for my Razr and Trinity’s Samsung slider phone.

I did a lot of research, I’ll have you know. A couple of months ago, I scouted out the best prices I could get for all our items. I had them saved on our widget stickies, all ready to go. However, when I started to try to follow through on these sites, I ran into problems.

I think I scouted out these amounts about two or three months before I actually moved on trading my gadgets in. For my iPod, I scouted out $23.80 from and $26 from For my Razr, I was quoted $15 from, $15.72 from and $14 from For Trin’s Samsung phone, I was quoted $22.87 in credit from, $20 from and $21 from

When it came time to actually try these services out, the amounts quoted for our stuff went down. So I kept looking. I ran into this review, comparing cell phone trade-in services and thought, hey! CashMyPhone sounds like a good deal. They quoted me some great prices for our phones, but when I tried to actually get the process started — the submissions never went through and I kept getting errors. Then I found this review. Yikes. CashMyPhone, no thank you.

Then, I ran into this review. Seeing as how it was just from December, I thought, dude! That sounds like a plan! I checked it out — good quotes? Check. Payment by Paypal? Check. Even accepts old digital cameras? Sold!

So I tried it out. I was quoted $10 for my camera, $16 for my Razr, $13 for my iPod and $19 for Trinity’s Samsung, for a total of $58. They sent me UPS shipping labels, but I had to shell out my own cash for the packaging, $8. What was actually paid out? $33.

After receiving our gadgets, they revised their quotes. They said our phones were too scratched up and my camera was worthless because it has digital zoom, not optical zoom. (My mistake.) But if I wanted my camera back, I’d have to shell out $17.95 for shipping. Grrrrreat.

The experience is disappointing, to say the least, considering I had a great experience with Yes, my item got downgraded, but legitimately — I mistakenly quoted my laptop as a G4, when it was actually a G3. They sent me the packaging. They didn’t come back to me, saying, ohhh, its scratched up, ohhh, there are pieces broken from the case. And as soon as I confirmed the amount was fine, they sent me my payment via Paypal.

So…would I have done it again? Consider this a HELL to the NO. In addition, if AT&T had the now-rumored cell phone trade-in program around before we bought our phones, I’m sure that’s the road we would have gone.

5 thoughts on “Reviewing gadgets-for-cash site

  1. Lonnie

    You should have tried us out. We would have paid for the shipping and sent you a padded envelope. Unless the used cell phone was ran over by a truck, is missing parts, or is not functional…we pay full listed price for the old cell phone. So, if you have any old used cell phones laying around…give us a shot.

  2. Josh

    I sold my laptop to and I’m super satisfied. They paid me exact amount and fast. Good place to sell a laptop.

  3. pissedoff1now

    Lonnie from, YOU ARE A LIAR. Darleene, be glad you didn’t use I’m not the only victim. Lonnie you are a piece of work. I pray other individuals read up on you before you scam them like you have been scamming other.

    [edited to remove spam sites]

  4. Tristian

    Be glad you didn’t go with NextWorth. Avoid them like the plague. They are nothing but ripoff artists.

    Imagine if you sold an item on Ebay for $50 and the person who bought it, upon receiving it, said it was only worth $20, and that’s the price you are paid. That’s how NextWorth works their trade-in program. The price they quote is what’s final and they won’t even send it back to you if you’re unhappy. Their scam is spelled out in their terms of agreement and many people don’t see it.

    Also, a lot of people think they’re trading in with Target which makes them feel safer about it, but they’re not. NextWorth just happens to be paying out with Target gift cards. Target is not scamming you — NextWorth is. What more needs to be said after Google suggests “NextWorth scam” in a search suggestion?

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