Just walk it off!

Today, I was at USC to speak as an online journalist at Annenberg’s High School Journalism Day. It was an early thing — 10 a.m. — so I was hurting, having had gone to bed around 2:30 after my 3-11 shift ended. I was waffling about whether or not to go home, catch a cat nap, then go to work, but I ended up picking up lunch in downtown L.A., then doing some shopping in Glendale.

After picking up my food, I took Beverly to Alvarado. I stopped at a street uphill from Temple Street — Court Street — for traffic, and to let a guy cross the street. His eyes actually met mine, and I waved to him to let him know I wasn’t moving till he was clear. Alvarado is under construction, making traffic pretty heavy, so I admit I had my phone out, ready to call Trinity.

As the guy crossed, I was looking down at my phone, and all of a sudden, I heard tires screech. A white compact car hit the guy! My mouth literally dropped open and I rolled down my window. But the guy just got up and waved the driver away and kept walking to the other end of the intersection.

The driver, to his credit, stopped his car and even got out, calling out to the guy, “Are you OK?” And an LAPD squad car happened to roll up, cutting me off, calling out to the driver and asking what happened. They both drove onto Court Street to catch up with the guy.

Dude. How did that guy just get up and walk away? That guy had to be going at least 15 mph, and while that’s slow, that’s still gotta be a painful collision.

Although, I gotta say, the whole situation reminded me of the Super Bowl Pepsi commercial. Check it out after the jump.