Did ‘House’ need medical attention after stuffing a cat into a bag?

Episodes of “House M.D.” don’t show up on Hulu until about two weeks after its aired — odd, but whatever — so I completely forgot how I nearly hit the floor laughing from the scene in which House stuffs the “death kitty” into a gym bag.

Because, as any cat owner knows, cats do not like being put into things, be they bags or cat carriers, and cats also do not like things on them. The scene was hilarious. Here’s the actual episode, and the scene I’m talking about is at 27:00.

Above, Wilson yammers at how House’s preoccupation with “death kitty” is healthy, while House starts stuffing the yowling cat into the gym bag.

House is of course not paying attention to Wilson, or the cat, which is doing the guttural growl at this point and is displaying its displeasure with those dangerously flat ears.

House pauses operation stuff-a-cat-in-a-bag to get his cell phone. The cat is still on alert and wary of continued stuffage into the bag.

The cat begins looking around at Wilson, then back at House, as if wondering, “you want to try it again? Go ahead.”

Seriously, I’m surprised he didn’t suffer some major scratches while shooting. I’ve been searching for any behind-the-scene fodder about this episode, but haven’t found any. I can only assume the cat kicked some butt.