Please stop using Octomom

Is there anyone else disturbed by the increasing use of “Octomom” as a title or proper noun? It has me very perturbed recently. I’m fully aware that people online are going to use this term. But it is seeping into news reports, being used the same way as Sergeant or Assemblyman. Octomom is not a title. It is not a proper noun.

I’ve found, in most cases, these media-appointed or pop culture-appointed nicknames are often derogatory. Its easier to say “Octomom” with a sneer than it is to say her name with a sneer. I mean, you’re not going to use Octomom for the other lady who had octuplets.

In fact, my recent status update expressing misgivings about the nickname garnered these comments:

I tried to use Mommie-granate, but it didn’t catch on.

Octopussy is just perfect for her, IMHO.

how dare you defame a great Bond character like that. Besides we know it was all c-section

Did you hear about the new Octomom Breakfast Special at Dennys? You get 14 eggs, no sausage, and the guy at the next table picks up the tab!

Sigh. LOL.

Nadya Suleman’s story is, quite frankly, disturbing. In a way, I’d simply like her to go away. But everyone is totally fascinated by her and her 14 kids. And, I suppose that she’s fascinating, if you find a single woman with no job, six kids, who just had 8 kids all at one time fascinating. I guess she’s just the latest in a long line of regular people thrust into the spotlight by their circumstances. And regular people thrust into the spotlight always need a nickname. Like the Long Island Lolita or the Hero Pilot. How about the DC Madam?

Sigh. We are sick, sick people.