A new day, a new MacBook Pro

This is my first post on our new MacBook Pro that arrived yesterday morning. Is it lovely? Yes. Is it pretty exciting? Yes. But I gotta say…..I’m not enamored the way I was with my iBook (first laptop) and our iMac (first computer Trinity and I bought together). Is that weird? Maybe its because I haven’t yet tried to take it out into the living room to blog whilst I watch TV, I don’t know. Plus, its weird to adjust to a 17-inch screen when you’ve been using a 24-inch display for the past year.

You may be wondering what’s with all the new gadgets. It’s simply coincidence. Yes, I finally got my Samsung Eternity, and I like it more and more as I use it. I’m glad I didn’t get the iPhone (which I almost did) because I am still amazed that AT&T has managed to get people to pay that much for a phone, plus the calling plan, plus the texting plan, PLUS the $30 data plan. Yeah, they don’t mention all that in the commercials. Anyway, we just got those phones, but technically, that was for Trinity’s birthday, which was in November.

The laptop, on the other hand, we bought sooner rather than later because I’m sort of teaching a WordPress workshop on Saturday and wouldn’t it be silly for the teacher to have to borrow someone’s laptop to teach a class? Yeah. Anyway, how we bought the laptop is a whole other story for another day. Now, I have to get to work to help pay for this laptop and the phone service!