Zankou Chicken loves me

My maiden name preserved by Zankou

Or, at least they loved the article I wrote about their no longer new Burbank location when I was a reporter for the Glendale News-Press back in 2006. Good Lord! It’s been a while since I was a reporter. Go figure that Zankou would preserve my maiden name in print. Heheh.

Anyway, I have Facebook to thank for my latest run to Zankou. Someone became a fan of Zankou, so I became a fan. Then, as I was looking over my privacy settings and checking out my search page preview, I realized, “ooh…Zankou would be perfect for dinner tonight.” So I hightailed it all the way to Van Nuys (after dark; Trinity would be very upset to hear about that) for some shawerma. Yummm….

But that was after I checked out their new site (which, on Saturday night, was devoid of a style sheet, but it looks like they have everything working now. By the way, it looks really good! Way more professional than your previous site.) and seeing that they opened a new location in Glendale and are about to open a location in Toluca Lake! This is huge! I no longer have to trek into the, er, too far from work to get some of their excellent chicken and garlic spread! Woohoo!

Now, if Chick-fil-A and Chipotle would just open closer to either work or home….then I’d be a satisfied woman.