Observations about ABDC, season 3

  1. Dude. What did Lil Mama do to her hair?
  2. Here we go with the corny metaphors Mario Lopez uses every single time he introduces a performance. Good God, who writes those things? The most clever thing he’s said in three seasons was his offhand comment about one of the Fly Khick’s sneakers being so small it could be a key chain. That’s pretty sad.
  3. Kid Rainen. I know you were probably nervous, but slow it down. But we did love it when you employed the accent to point out one of the Ringmasters jumping off the ladder with the Nacho Libre mask. That was awesome.
  4. Stepping, flexing and clogging? Really?
  5. OMG, I want the Ringmasters to go away. It’s horrifying for me to watch them pull their bones out of their joints to entertain people. It really is.
  6. When Lil Mama told the Boxcuttuhz they were very characteristic, we had to pause and just laugh. We were like, “characteristic of….?”
  7. I love Fullerton, and I love being Filipino, but I don’t see Team Millenia lasting very long. I hate to say it, but you guys weren’t as good as Kaba Modern, not as good as SoReal Cru and the rock persona doesn’t feel very genuine.

All that said, I am calling it right now, that the teams to beat are Quest Crew and Beat Freaks. Those girls were so awesome.