Hopes and aspirations for 2009

Earlier today, as I sniffled and sneezed through a day shift, it turned out that several members of the news team were asked, “what are your hopes and dreams for 2009?” The video is pretty funny, with Shawna from the assignment desk cracking me up the most, as she basically calls out her boyfriend on live television — and now for the whole world to see online — that she’s ready and waiting for that engagement ring.

Its been something I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days  — not Shawna’s engagement ring, heheh, but what are my hopes and dreams — er, but I prefer aspirations — for the new year? Most of the responses in the video included staying in shape and for the economy’s improvement. I liked the guy’s response that he was hoping for another great year of marriage and another wonderful year with his family. That was sweet.

A lot of the hopes and dreams I hoped and wished for have been blown out of the water with my mom’s death last July. So what now?

Good health, good life

I’m hoping Trinity and I will improve our health — not that we’re unhealthy, but we both could improve. I consciously decided to stop going to the gym on the lot a few months ago, because it was annoying me that all the new lot tenants were crowding the tiny gym. (Stopping at the lot gym really messed me up, too — I really hard-wired it into my schedule, and having quit, I am now constantly late for work and other things.) I figured I’d spend my $12/month gym fee on some yoga/pilates equipment to do at home. After using them once, they now sit in my office. Heheh. I can’t help it, the plastic-y smell makes me dizzy. But Trinity would like to get some regular exercise in as well, so we’re likely going to sign up at our local community center, which has a beautiful indoor basketball court that he can shoot hoops in. For me, there’s a well-equipped gym and plenty of classes. And since I proved I can be faithful with working out everyday, I figure I can take Trinity along for that ride.

Doing more

Doing more? Really? you might be thinking. Yep. This year, I’ll be serving as AAJA-LA’s co-president and according to the message sent out to the board recently, I’m apparently now the one to make executive decisions. Really? Sheesh. Not only that, I have a book in mind to write. I’m not sure exactly when or how, amid all the blogging and surfing and AAJA-ing I do, but I already have a title in mind. I also plan to really ramp up Wedding Decorator. In fact, she needs a few links, if anyone could hook that up. :) Of course, there’s the learning how to cook Filipino food and all that…

Road-tripping the East Coast

I’ve been pitching this one to Trinity for a while now. Seeing as how the AAJA convention is in Boston this year, and I haven’t been to Boston or DC, and Trinity hasn’t been to the northeast at all, I want to combine going to the convention with a road trip through New York and into Washington, D.C. I’m still trying to figure out how its all going to work — round trip to NY, and just rent a car to get everywhere? can we get away with no rental car? would it be feasible to fly into Boston, then fly out of DC? — but I’m excited. If you have any tips, or would like to offer a room to Trinity and I (heheh, hint hint), let me know. I’ll be happy to ship you some lumpia.

Growing the family…?

This is the one everyone has been asking me about, and whenever they do, Trinity always just purses his lips in agreement and gestures toward me, saying, “ask her.” What?! Having a child is a very big decision, and even as I knew going into my marriage that Trinity wants to have kids, its still something I have to wrap my head around. As I told a former coworker once, I am concerned about being the moral authority in the life of someone as impressionable as a child. But I realize, now that I’m in my 30s, its getting to that point of now or never. So, sooner or later, you’ll see that post from me. Probably later than sooner.