Finally settled on a new cell phone

So I think I’m going to go with the Samsung Eternity, after weeks of waffling between simply wanting a phone, wanting a phone that was a step up from my RAZR, then back to thinking if I was going to pay as much as I was for the Eternity (about $150, after rebate), I might as well get a freaking iPhone! After at least two months of consideration, I was finally sold by this review. Especially convincing was this note added a few weeks after the initial review:

So in summary, must have downloadable apps straight to your phone…Opera Mini 4.2, Gmail ande Google Maps. That should satisfy all your multimedia, web browsing and email needs. Won’t need to pay for the PDA or iPhone data package, and you will have a very good phone to last you at least another two years or until your next upgrade times. Thanks all!

See, yeah. That was my thing. I love the idea of a touchscreen phone, but if I’m going to go all out on this phone thing, I want video and a relatively good camera, too — and an iPhone doesn’t have video. Plus, there’s the major drawback of the required $30 data plan you have to get with an iPhone. People, I’m literally on a computer about 15 hours a day. If I’m at home, I’m usually online. If I’m at work, I’m of course online. Do I really need all that online access? No. The one thing I will concede on is getting a texting plan, finally. Ugh. I do NOT like the idea of getting a texting plan, even though everyone and their mom texts, especially after reading this story about how transmitting texts costs nothing for cell phone companies now that the infrastructure is in place. But I guess I gotta bite the bullet, especially since two very dear friends last summer were shocked to find out I didn’t get their text messages of condolences. No joke.