Attempting menudo

I say attempt because it didn’t turn out quite how I think it should have.

Attempt at Filipino Menudo

Anyway, I tried the menudo recipe in my little Filipino cookbook, but my problem was that I didn’t follow the directions to the letter. Plus, another knock against this attempt is that its pretty different from my mom’s version, which uses beef and much bigger chunks of potato. The end result was still edible, and not terrible — shoot, I ate it up — but I still have a yearning for my mom’s version of menudo. Ah well. Check out the whole process in the Flickr set.

2 thoughts on “Attempting menudo

  1. Shruti

    I am loving this cooking Filipino food series you’ve been doing, but my favorite thing about your site right now is Kip winking at me in the corner, wherever I go. I heart it.

  2. darleene Post author

    Heheh, Shruti, thanks! That was actually something I wanted to do since my last design, and didn’t find the right theme structure till this one for having Kip in the corner. The funny thing about that picture is its this one.

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