‘Legend of the Seeker’ finally on Hulu

Woohoo! Full episodes of Legend of the Seeker is finally available on Hulu, for free no less. Previously, if you wanted to watch it online, you had to just download the episodes from iTunes — which I don’t really count as watching it online. That’s downloading a show, not watching it online.

Anyway, I’ve become a big fan of the show. Trinity got me to watch it first, but I quickly got into it. There are a lot of elements I like — the fantasy quest, a strong, feisty heroine (seriously, she’s gangsta, sorta like Trinity from the Matrix), a well-meaning and super-hot hero.

Seriously. He’s super hot. I was telling my friend Sam about the show and sent her to the following photo:

Sam, upon seeing the photo, responded by IM with “HELLO.”

I’m deliriously, happily married, but what woman couldn’t appreciate a good-natured, a little bumbling, but charming hero that looks like that?

Anyway, check the show out. I love watching shows over and over, so I’ll even be watching it on Hulu, but its also on KTLA on Saturday nights. :)