Experimenting with my themes

Yes. As you can see I’ve messed around with my theme again. That’s sort of the beauty of WordPress, you can experiment with colors, typography, different types of sidebars, if you want — obviously, I’ve always favored right-side sidebars — and headers. Previously, I was using Sandbox’s child theme Essay, which I think is still quite nice.

But I have something else in mind.

I really love typography, but another thing that I’ve been kind of seeking is simplicity. There are a lot of really fancy, graphics-heavy themes out there that look really cool — but are not me. In fact, if I put them on, I don’t think I could look at them every day. Which is why I took down DailyPress. Its not that it wasn’t a nice theme, because it is. I just couldn’t look at it anymore.

Anyway, I have a design in mind, so I am going to keep working on it, with some help from my graphic-artist friends. For once, the design I have in mind is not something Trinity can do easily. So bear with me as I experiment with my themes. The one I’m using now is called Thematic.