Former Flavor Online writers meet up

I don’t normally work Monday nights, but I worked tonight so that I could go to Friday’s Laker game with Trinity. Of course this was the night that the former Flavor Online folks decide to meet up at Oinkster, which I’ve been dying to try out. Anyway, as I expressed my regrets in the back-and-forth emails we send to each other, I hinted that I wouldn’t mind some baon they could send with Leezel (who takes over at work when my shift is up). They called from Oinkster and asked what I wanted, and ended up sending a cupcake, but I think the real treat was the messages written on the styrofoam container.

You can click on each image for a bigger version, but if you weren’t sure, yes, that would be a yearbook-style message from Elson on the bottom. Awesome.