Cell phone dilemma

Even though most of my life is online, and I almost don’t keep in touch with folks unless you’re accessible by email, IM or Facebook, I a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to personal tech.  Sure, I was one of the first people I ever knew to own an mp3 player and I used a student award to buy myself my first digital camera. Whatever. But the idea of IM’ing when I’m in the car, or at the beach, or eating dinner at a restaurant. I’m not at that point where I need to know all these things immediately wherever I am.

The iPhone sure is pretty, but its too expensive for my taste right now. I am leaning toward the LG Shine, but this review in Gizmodo was not an admiring one. What’s left? Possibly a Blackberry? Trinity wants to buy the Curve, but I don’t know if I’m ready for such a serious phone.

I want my next cell phone to make good phone calls, has the capabilities for the alarms I need, can take a decent photo, take decent video and maybe even send some emails? That would be cool. But the idea of texting? I am not for it. Already right now, I’m blogging and IM’ing at the same time. I dread the idea of blogging, IM’ing AND texting at the same time. That’s just too much.

Sigh. Any ideas on which phone I should get?