I’ll take an earthquake any day

Tropical storms line up to pummel U.S. coasts

Tropical storms line up to pummel U.S. coasts

I have a good friend in Florida who says she would never want to be in an earthquake. But check this out — after Gustav weakened and passed through New Orleans (which had to be evacuated), there are four different tropical storms in the waters surrounding the southern coasts of the U.S. — in the east, Hanna, Ike and Josephine, and to the west, Karina.

Shoot. That’s a lot of prep and fear I’d have to sustain in the next couple of weeks. At least with an earthquake, its a little shake, a little rattle, a lot of media frenzy, then you roll — on with life. Our last earthquake, which was pretty strong but really not that big of a deal, cracked a few homes nearby, but that’s it — did anyone have to evacuate? Nope.

Now, wildfires? That’s a different story. Maybe I’ll post more later on that.

3 thoughts on “I’ll take an earthquake any day

  1. FlutePrayer

    The October 1, 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake caused severe damage to my nerves, my cat, my home, and my business. One year and $46,000 later ($36,000 paid through insurance) things were looking up. The time in between (including numerous damaging aftershocks) was not very nice. Not saying I’d want to deal with hurricanes. Just saying.

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