Blind survey of what Gannett workers make

Here’s an utterly fascinating post that just about anyone who’s wondered what their coworkers make will want to read. Former Gannett editor Jim Hopkins asks his current and former Gannett’ers what they make — and they answer! Anonymously, of course.

Here’s a sampling:

Years worked: 30 +
Division: Newspaper (above 100,000 circ)
Title: Editor/Manager
Salary: $75,000

Years worked: 19
Years worked for Gannett: 10
Operation: Newspaper
Title: sports copy editor
Salary: $65,000

Years worked: 9.5
Division: USAT
Title: reporter
Salary: $43,800

I.T. Director
Newspaper / 100,000+ circ
8 years at current site / 10.5 years total
$94,000 / year
+ 35 shares of stock (merit)
+ $12,500 MBO bonus

My predecessor at this site was making $99,000 annually.

15 years in Gannett

Wow. Sometimes I wish I was in newspapers still, just for the joy of crafting together a story and being out in the field, but not when I see numbers like that.