Rooting for SoReal Cru

Maybe I’m in the minority, but as I watched season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew, I found myself rooting for two crews — SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w.

SoReal Cru

SoReal Cru

(From now on, I’ll refer to them as SRC and SC. It’s hard to write all that over and over.) But in the last couple of episodes, Trin and I noticed something really annoying. The judges.

The judges kept pushing everyone toward SC. Which is fine, and they’re a good crew, but sheesh. Let everyone vote. Not only did they throw the Boogie Bots under the SC bus, they also called out SRC in the showdown between SC and Fanny Pak.

But I have a theory. At least as to why Fanny Pak got eliminated, because I think that made no sense to anyone.

Fanny Pak, at its heart, is what you would call a dance troupe. They can dance to anything. Throw trash at them and they’ll make it work. But ABDC is, at its heart, an R&B/Hip hop dance show catering to R&B/hip hop dance crews. One of the reasons why Fanny Pak was so electrifying, theatrical and all-around awesome was because they are used to different disciplines of dance. But would it do to have a non-hip hop dance team/troupe winning ABDC? Not at all, especially in its fledgling second season.

But, yeah, SRC was dope. Their last performance was awesome — that’s what dance battles are made of. Not only did they dance tight and awesome, I swear I saw some krumping and definitely loved how they ate the SC sign. (It was not disrespectful — its the same type of call out that every crew’s been doing all season, sheesh!)

As for SRC, I’m rooting for them because they’ve been consistently good all season. They had a few slow moments here and there, but I’ve always liked their performances. But I have to admit, one of the reasons why I’m sort of campaigning against SC is because it seems like they have the judges and the producers in their pockets. And that ain’t right.

I may eat my words, I may not tomorrow night. Let’s see if SRC’s fans are really as rabid as they say.