MTV wins America’s Best Dance Crew

I suppose I’m disappointed that SoReal Cru didn’t win, and I like Super Cr3w. R.J. Puno won my heart when he shouted out to Filipinos. I also loved how he was sporting a big Filipino flag as all the crews hit the stage after the announcement. By the way, was Super Cr3w wearing Filipino flag jackets? That was dope. So congratulations to them.

But this season stinks of major backroom scheming.

A few things I have to note. Can’t a female get into the top spot? Also, we don’t seem to care that both seasons, West Coast crews have won. But, I guess that the West Coast does have a huge dancing population.

The stinky thing I’m talking about is the strong feeling I get that Super Cr3w was pegged right away to win. Hence, the three saves by the judges, even against Fanny Pak, the most theatrical, entertaining, talented and surprising group all season. Yeah, because even though voting ended just a few hours before the live finale, they of course have a silly trophy engraved with Super Cr3w’s name on it. Then again, I suppose a trophy is easy to make duplicates of, one for each crew, just in case, but media companies are not being really extravagant with costs right now…

There were other things that turned me off about this season. I disliked the packing of “good from afar” females in camera range and the constant pushing of stories. Don’t get me wrong, I cried a little bit when Ailyn and her parents hugged after her performance (but my mom died that day, so that may be more the reason why), but c’mon. Stop pushing their stories at us. Even the judges got into it. Stop.

Last season, I guess because they were just getting started, felt a lot more subtle and natural. I remember the JabbaWockeez story — they came from all over California and Las Vegas, didn’t even have a place to rehearse before ABDC, and their mentor had died right before they got on the show. See? No need to constantly pound me on the head with it.

I think Trinity is still into the show, just for the dancing, and thank God for Tivo, so we can fast forward through all the dramatic pauses and talking. (OMG, Mario Lopez needs to get new lines.) But for me? This is probably my last blog post on the show and I may or may not watch anymore. Meh.

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