Google will put up political bloggers in style

If I knew I could eventually get access to some swanky digs from Google because I was a political blogger…..but then again, I detest politics. Never mind.

Google in Lego

Google in Lego from Flickr's Manfrys

Anyway, it turns out Google will set up some fancy, schmancy facilities for registered bloggers at the political conventions happening this month. What’s being offered would almost make it worth it to take on the headache of attending a political convention (but I detest politics, so that’s just me):

Not only will bloggers have Internet access, workspaces and couches for napping in the “Big Tent” headquarters, they will be provided food and beverages, Google-sponsored massages, smoothies and a candy buffet. On the final night of the convention, Google is co-sponsoring a bash with Vanity Fair magazine for convention-goers and journalists that has become one of the hottest party invites.

Google will offer similar amenities for bloggers and new-media reporters who attend the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn., company officials say. It will demo a variety of new political tools next week, including a search function on YouTube that will offer almost real-time keyword searches of convention speech videos.

However, its not free, which I almost would have expected. Bloggers have to pay a $100 access fee. But, with all the amenities provided, its almost a wash and would, I should think, be worth it. Hey, just tap into that Adsense account and get blogging!