Pre-Unity luau

Unity Journalists of Color So, who’s going to the Unity Convention???? Not me!

Yeah, I know. I’ve never gone, but honestly, I’m not as bummed as I was when it was in DC. I really want to visit DC. But I got married that year. Oh well.

(Unfortunately, I hear ’08 is the worst year for Unity, in terms of registration. I can’t imagine the layoffs that are now coming down the pipeline in Tribune cities are helping either; Tribune is listed as a supporter, and I’m sure Sam Zell would try to rescind that if he could, even a week prior.)

Anyway, if you’re a journalist looking to commiserate or trying to blow off some steam after this tough week in L.A. journalism, your friendly neighborhood AAJA chapter (of which I’m a board member) is joining in with its L.A. Unity counterparts for a luau at Griffith Park. Don’t expect any tiki torches.

I’ll likely make an appearance, but I do work that night, so if you come fashionably late, have fun without me!