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AntoniaI don’t often react violently to things I see on TV. I think I just don’t care enough. But I totally startled Kip last night when I pounded my coffee table in reaction to the Top Chef judges telling Antonia to pack her knives and go home. That’s why I say Top Chef is down to its final 2 cheftestants.

Read a recap of the show at EW. Incidentally, I sort of had the same reaction as the writer; I thought that guest chef was initially a rounder Tom Colicchio. Trin had to rewind and pause at that.

Anyway, I just don’t understand how someone as mediocre as Lisa can be in the final three. This is not to say I’m sort of cuisine expert; no way. I need to look up recipes on how to cook a whole chicken, that’s how much of a non-cuisine expert I am. But just looking at statistics, I don’t think anyone has managed to beat Lisa on A) number of times on the bottom and b) number of co-cheftestants alienated.

That’s why it was a difficult task for Stephanie (go Stephanie!) to create a harmonious kitchen. Stephanie, God bless her, won the quickfire and was given an amazing advantage — picking sous chefs for the last four cheftestants from among eliminated contestants. Those four eliminees were Spike, Nikki, Dale and Andrew (the super hyper one). Oh, Stephanie could have gone Spike on everyone and used to her advantage to try and trip everyone up — namely by giving Dale to Lisa — but she didn’t. She took Dale as her sous chef (which turned out, I think, to be a huge advantage later), paired Blais and Spike, Antonia with Nikki and Lisa with Andrew. Oh, but wait…Lisa alienated Andrew by pointing out a mistake that ultimately got him eliminated. Oops. Well, that was Lisa’s fault, not Stephanie’s.

Dale and Stephanie worked well together. Talk about Dream Team! Dale apparently does not like to work with those who don’t know what they’re doing, which is understandable. But I began to like Dale again, watching him work with Stephanie. Oh, but the meat left out in the kitchen…d’oh! I liked Dale even more when I saw how remorseful he was. Stephanie did the right thing by tossing it, but Dale saved the day by suggesting a salad with chicharrones. That’s where I think Stephanie’s wisdom in picking Dale really paid off — not only is he a talented and creative chef, if there is anyone who loves their pork, its a Filipino. Damn, I haven’t had chicharrones in a long time. Anyway.

The chefs finish up and serve, the judges like Stephanie and Richard, Richard wins the challenge and a new Corolla. Lisa and Antonia are on the bottom, Antonia is told to pack her knives and go. But wait! There’s more.

After Antonia makes her exit, Stephanie and Richard sit, stunned. Lisa smirks and says something along the lines of, I know you guys are sad Antonia left, but maybe some congratulations are in order? You make me feel like the wrong chef was told to go.


Classy as ever, a floored, wide-eyed Stephanie murmurs, “oh, I’m sorry, congratulations.” Richard says, “I’m just really exhausted. Congratulations.” Later, in his interview, he says, “Oh, congratulations. You got the f–ing bronze medal.”

How tactless is that? I don’t know if anyone ever told Lisa this, but when you have to ask for congratulations, its probably not deserved. Wow.

Trinity has already said if Lisa wins, Top Chef comes off the Season Pass list. I have seen others declare the same thing. Nevertheless, I think Stephanie will win this, even though I think Blais is a very good chef. I just think her ability to be calm under major pressure, in the face of devastating obstacles and still be sweet will win her the title of Top Chef and fan favorite.

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  1. Mike

    Maria and I couldn’t stop laughing at the dual Tom Colicchios… especially when they were on screen together. We alternated calling the Puerto Rican imposter “Com Tolicchio” and “Tomas Collichio.”

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