Kleinbaums hit the road for greener New York pastures

Goodbye and good luck Josh and Nicole!

Apparently, when Josh Kleinbaum sent out an Evite earlier this morning, inviting all his Daily News and SoCal buds to have a drink with him and his wife Nicole before they set out for New York Friday, it was the first lot of those folks heard of any move for them, much less a move cross country. Nicole is transferring out to Yahoo’s NY office, while Josh will (happily?) leave LANG behind for something less stressful than working for LANG. That really could be anything, but whatever. When I saw the Evite, I immediately got on IM, demanding Nicole and Josh meet up with Trin and I for dinner before they leave. Well, not quite demanding, but close enough, but yeah, that’s where we took this picture.

I actually knew about this move for a couple weeks now, but didn’t want to blog anything because, not knowing who knew, I was afraid to be pointed out as the big mouth. (Well, not quite afraid, but its not my news to give, right?) I found out because I IM’ed Josh, asking for a name to ask to be part of an AAJA critique panel, and he blew me away with the news. Sheesh!

Good luck in New York and be sure to expect us when we visit the east coast!