Gas watch along California’s Central Coast

Agoura Hills

Everyone has been talking a lot about the price of gas and how we all need to stop driving and how we can’t go anywhere for Memorial Day because of the high gas prices, right? Well, leave it to me to buck the trends and set off on a road trip amid all the woe. But, always keeping the blog in mind, I decided to try and document as many gas prices as I could along the way. Above, is what we paid when filling up our tank at the beginning of the trip. That turned out to be the cheapest price for the next three days.

I was not as fast as I would have liked to have been with my camera, because I spotted prices like $3.12 in Santa Maria (right off the freeway). But this was the next photo I shot.

Cambria general store

Ouch! That would be $4.52 at Cambria’s general store in its West Village.


Here’s $4.29 a gallon in Carmel, right where Highway 1 becomes the Cabrillo Highway.


We had just left a Longs Drugs in Monterey when I zoomed in on $4.39 a gallon at an independent station.


Thankfully, Valero was 10 cents cheaper down the road, right before we got on Highway 68 in Monterey. Damn you, gas companies, for making me think $4.29 a gallon is cheap!

Cambria's 24 hour store

Trin and I actually spotted this price in Cambria the day before, but I only took the picture while we were on a late night “dinner” run (in quotes because we could only find Hot Pockets and chips) after we got to Cambria from Monterey around 10:30 p.m. Take note that everything in Cambria shuts down at 8 p.m. Read it and weep — $4.69 a gallon in Cambria.

Santa Barbara

In Santa Barbara, Exxon was not bad — considering — at $4.19 a gallon. Verdict — NorCal has definitely got us beat on the high gas prices.

Then, when we returned to Agoura Hills Friday night, I saw that the station we first filled up at was now at $4.13 just two days later. Ouch. Thank God we only filled up twice for this road trip!

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