Even NBC’s Elita Loresca gets the ‘taba’ comments from her relatives

Elita Loresca on the cover of L.A. WeeklyI think some people thought I missed it, but I didn’t. I just get lazy and I post when I want, you know?

But before I go on, I don’t know Elita Loresca. Yes, she also went to Cal State Fullerton (but graduated in 2000, before I got there) and yes, she’s Filipino — but I didn’t know a thing about her before seeing her in the famous FHM spread.

I scanned through the article quickly, looking for whether they focused on the folks from my station — Johnny Mountain (called the Santa Claus of L.A. weather), Josh Rubenstein (so cool!), Jackie Johnson (so nice!) — but the writer didn’t really seem to talk to my guys. Go figure. I have a feeling the writer pitched the story with just Elita in mind.

Anyway, her portion of the article blew me away. You see, “taba” means fat in Tagalog. So even though she’s on TV, even though she’s done a spread in FHM, her relatives are still going to come at her the way all Filipino relatives seem to come at young Filipino women — with whether they’re fat or not. Awesome.

Yet at the family baby shower she went to this weekend, the prevailing comment was, “Oh my gosh, you look so skinny in person. On TV you are so taba,” which means “fat” in Tagalog.

“I was blessed with a full moon,” she countered with a happy sigh. “A little round face. You have to love what the Lord gave you. If I look 10 pounds heavier on television than I do in person, so be it.”

“But why you diet?” said the aunts, imploring her, in that Filipino way of saying hello, to eat, eat.

“Thank you,” said Loresca, yielding to yet another photo with the relatives, who love to take pictures. “But I can only have one fried chicken, not 10.”

Good to know that with all the problems with society today, older Filipino relatives are still concerned with young womens’ chub.

7 thoughts on “Even NBC’s Elita Loresca gets the ‘taba’ comments from her relatives

  1. Sam

    I’m surprised her older Filipino relatives didn’t begin with the Comparisons. You know, when you’re sized up with a cousin/sister/cousin’s sister’s friend’s cousin who is less chubby and has that “coveted” fair complexion. ;)

  2. Belinda

    Is it better to be compared to the fatter cousin or the prettier cousin? Or the cousin with the less bigger butt than you? Or the sisters who are a little bigger than you. Either way … when Nanay says “REDUCE!!!!” — I know I’m home. :)

  3. Sam

    Hahaha! I haven’t heard “reduce” (“reh-joos!”) in aaages. Oh man.

    Congrats on the baby, Belinda!

  4. Belinda

    “reh-joos!!” Oh, that’s GOOD!!!

    Oh D!! Nanay would still tell me not to get fat despite being preggers. Then offer me pound cake and tell me to reduce again tomorrow. It’s more like a strange Filipino warning … like I need it.

    Sigh … I never win. :)

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