Rice heritage: Joz


Joz, of blogging.la and 8asians fame, was kind enough to answer my oh-so-penetrating questions about how rice fits into her life. Don’t remember why I’m obsessing over rice? Remind yourself here.

While you were growing up, what were you taught about rice?
My Mom was concerned about my weight while I was growing up so she actually encouraged me NOT to eat too much rice. Instead of a full bowl like everyone else did, I always got half a bowl of rice.

Were you taught to cook rice? How?
As long as I can remember, we always had a rice cooker. When I left for college, I had to learn how to cook rice on the stove in a small pot because our kitchen was so small, I didn’t have room for a rice cooker.

What type of rice do you prefer?
White sticky rice is still my comfort, but lately, I’ve been more into brown rice.

Do you have an embarrassing rice moment?
Yes. This:

I interrupt dinner preparation to bring you this…

Rice fungus creation

What is your rice consumption like now?
I’ve never been the kind of person who needed to eat a bowl of rice at every meal to feel full (my grandfather was like that). I rarely make rice at home these days, but when I do, it’s usually because I’m craving some sort of comfort food like curry or when I’m not feeling well and I make rice gruel and eat it with little preserved vegetables and shredded dried pork sung.

And of course, if I bring home leftover rice from a restaurant, I like to make fried rice. :)

Thanks for your answers Joz! And to everyone else, if you want in on this fun, send me a note and I’ll happily oblige.