Latest project done

AAJA-LA's redesign

Before this past week, my posts were kind of few and far between, but there was a reason — I was knee deep in a redesign for the L.A. chapter of AAJA. I think everyone knows how obsessed I get when it comes to a redesign, so you can imagine what it was like at my house. Plus, not only was I dealing with the redesign, I was also getting to know a new computer. Whew!

So what did I do, you ask? To tell the truth, not much, heheh. I did push to change the site from your run-of-the-mill HTML site to a WordPress site, for several reasons — it would make future redesigns and adding articles and several users infinitely easier. Plus, from using WordPress on my own site, I see that its not all that different from what I do at work, in terms of Content Management Systems. So in a way, its also helping train board members (and any students we recruit to help with maintaining the site) on using Content Management Systems, without needing to learn HTML or CSS.

Seriously, I mostly helped troubleshoot and hard-code certain aspects of the site. So check it out, click through, try to break it. Our soft launch (meaning, going live with the redesign without announcing it) was Friday, and we plan to send a message to the rest of the chapter’s membership on Monday.