Birthday revelry begins!

Happy birthday to me!Can I stretch out my birthday longer? No! So even though its four days early, my birthday celebrations begin tomorrow! Woohoo! I’m actually getting worried about my Flickr account because I’m going to be uploading plenty of pictures over the next week — first my party tomorrow, then Memorial Day on Monday, then driving up the coast to see the Monterey Aquarium and Hearst Castle? Good Lord!

By the way, preparing for this party has been a pickle.¬† Trying to plan three dishes for more than 100 people? And also trying to coordinate people to bring desserts and drinks? Wow! I’d never done this before. I feel like I’m in my own private episode of Top Chef, the homeless shelter volunteer edition. (And by the way, while I saw Dale’s exit coming, it is still astounding, considering how much Lisa and Spike suck.)

Oh well! These are great problems to have. Happy birthday to me!