And a blog time was had by all

Mike Schneider, Darleene Powells and Kate Coe

So the blogger’s event (Stars of the Blogosphere Tell All! Heheh) I coordinated with Frank Buckley is finally done. Turnout was decent, about 22 people, I think, and a lot of people stopped to thank me and tell me how much they enjoyed the event. It’s surprising to hear that people enjoyed sitting around and talking about blogs, but ah well. Journalists are a weird bunch.

Other cool things: Markland stopped by and I even tried to call him out during the discussion, but he didn’t bite. I met Maria and the famous Blogger Toddler, Evan — and managed not to scare him this time! Woohoo! And we all found out that our chapter president, Jinah, was talking to a psychiatrist — but for a story. Sure, Jinah!

At any rate, it was a good time. I don’t know how much anybody really learned, but now on to the next big endeavour — the chapter website’s redesign! *Facepalm*

Oh, and check out the pictures I took on AAJA-LA’s Flickr photostream. Oh, and add your pictures to the pool there, too!