One of my old lurking haunts comes back online


Via 8asians, I found out tonight that iistix is finally back online. I used to constantly lurk on iistix’s forums, even meeting up with some folks when I was up in the Bay area, and when folks came down to L.A. They went dark a while back, promising a redesign all the while — and finally its here.

Although, I gotta say, it seems some material has been recycled. I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I think I memorized each of TSO’s articles. In my defense, they are very vividly written and they’re like the locker room talk that women aren’t privy to, but are utterly fascinated with. And his articles look the same. At least change the headlines!

The timing is funny, since I’m privy to some information regarding a once, well-read site here in LA. Let’s just say you’ll get to taste the flavor real soon.