Malibu sunset

I’ve been wanting to visit Point Dume State Beach since last year, when I read about it in Westways Magazine. So finally, after fretting yesterday that it was supposed to rain, I awoke to crisp sunshine and clear skies today (Monday, hey, it took a while to process all the photos I took) and was ecstatic that it was a perfect day to go to the beach. We actually got here after 5 and left right at about sunset at 7-ish. Parking was only $2, and who knew that the parking machines there took credit cards? I didn’t. Anyway, I’ve got a ton of pictures for you after the jump, plus many more on my Flickr stream.

It was not just sunny, it was flowery. These yellow daisies were all over the place.

The rocks in the shadow of the big bluff.

Someone call the county — ahh, this fence is a hazard. I was so enthralled by the view at first, I didn’t see this until Trinity pointed it out. I can’t imagine how long that fence has been there if that’s how badly its corroded.

Is that a pelican?

Those brown mountaintops are what I think are scars from last year’s fires.¬† I think, if we hadn’t gotten so much rain this winter, those bald spots would still be black.

One portion of the trail to the top of the bluff is breathtakingly close to the edge. Yeah, that’s my foot, less than a foot away from a sheer drop.

Trin and I saw these folks on this bluff, and we muttered to each other that these folks obviously don’t work in news, since they are a county helicopter rescue waiting to happen.

I love this bird — he was so funny, darting in and out of the incoming tide. I love this photo, too.

Trinity says I should title this one, “black man in the ‘bu.”

Sunset. It was majorly cold by this time, so if you plan on going yourself, take a sweater/light jacket. Again, all these photos are tagged Point Dume Malibu.