With a flute and a prayer

Fluteprayer and darleeneOK, so I’ve been online for 10 years, right? But it still makes me nervous to meet people from my online life in person. Why? I don’t know. It just does. So it was with some trepidation, and waffling between going and flaking, that I dragged Trinity to Azusa Pacific University for a flute and piano recital starring my favorite flute player, FlutePrayer. (Hey, that rhymes!)

I also have to admit that this was the first time I’d ever heard live classical music. Maybe I’ve matured, maybe the live truly made a difference, but I really enjoyed myself. I recognized many of the patterns from movies and TV shows from years past, plus I gotta say, hearing a flute live really tugs at your heart. I’m serious — I really felt like the notes of the flute were reverberating inside my chest. Oh, and don’t get me started with the sound of the violin — Trinity really loved it, and the combination of the violin, the flute and the piano was soo romantic.

Afterward, as I walked up to say hello (kicking myself all the while for forgetting my camera in the car, but toting my batteries in my purse), I felt a little uneasy and nervous. I mean, who was I think that she would recognize me, with all her friends and family in the audience? Trinity pushed me up to the stage and was all, don’t be scared. FlutePrayer recognized me instantly and was so happy to see me — I was floored! That’s probably why I was sporting such a giddy grin in the picture above, which I stole from FlutePrayer’s site. :)

Attending the recital made me think that when I start (in the future) having kids, I really want them to be exposed to different types of live music, not just hip hop, rap and rock, as is often with kids who grow up in urban areas, like I did. I hate admitting this, but it never occurred to me before that classical music could be so cool.

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  1. FlutePrayer

    I am so, so glad that you and Trinity were able to attend and I’m really glad he pushed you onto the stage! You have been such a blessing in my life and it was wonderful to see you face to face. Thank you for your support. Oh, and I will be happy to supply your future children with lots of classical music!

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