Is every Malkoff guy this crazy?

Dave Malkoff UnderwaterWe on the Web Team have known since day one that Dave Malkoff is crazy and will do anything for a story. For example, to the left, at CES, Dave decided that the best way to demonstrate to you the virtues of a new, waterproof video camera was to jump in a pool with it. Recently, when the new gorilla exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo was unveiled, I lamented that Dave was not assigned to cover it. A coworker remarked that they probably thought about it, but decided against it since Dave might try to climb into the new gorilla exhibit and do his report with a gorilla baby in his lap.

Anyway, I’m sure everyone has heard about Mark Malkoff and how he was living in an Ikea while his apartment in New York was being fumigated…and oh, he was going to make a film about it? Yeah. Even before I found out about some of his background today, I had marked that that sounded like something Dave Malkoff might do, too.

Turns out this Mark Malkoff guy is just as nutty:

Malkoff is a Weblebrity, the guy who gained online status by being The Guy Who.He was the guy who visited all of Manhattan’s 171 Starbucks outlets in 24 hours.

The guy who got Broadway stars to ride a Ferris wheel with him.

The guy who put together a Guns N’ Roses tribute band composed entirely of children. Now this was genius.

Each of these endeavors has its own Web site, all linking back to the mother ship,

I think, if we were to get these two in a room together, the world might implode.