Minimized the pink, armed with holiday coupons

So forgive me for the weird mess that my site has been most of the day, but it seems like something good came of it — I finally have a layout that doesn’t go all funky in IE 6, plus I minimized the pink, something a few of the guys were telling me was a turn off. Um, sorry guys.

As a gift for putting up with me, I’m going to link you to some cool coupons I got a hold of. Print ’em out, thank me later.

Borders — 20% off till Dec. 6
H&M — 25% off till Dec. 9
JC Penney — 20% off till Dec. 9, but you have to register
Linens & Things
— 20% off till Dec. 30 (pdf)
OshKosh — 50% to 70% off till Dec. 11
Sharper Image — $10 off every $50 you send¬† until Jan.¬† 31
Staples — 12% off till Dec.8 (pdf)
Yankee Candle — $10 off a $25 purchase until Dec. 29