Christmas, Asian style

AAJA Christmas Party at David Ono's house
Driving the 101
On a high-traffic Saturday,
Over the Valley we go,
Cursing traffic all the way;
Horns on trucks blare loud,
making commuters cry,
Is it supposed to be fun to ride and sit
On a slow-moving freeway tonight
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way!

OK, OK, I guess it wasn’t that bad, but driving to David Ono‘s house for AAJA’s Christmas party was pretty terrible — it was slow all the way from Calabasas, plus, between the 405 and the 134 split, we were stuck behind a truck carrying steaming tar. You can imagine how nauseous we felt by the time we got to Coldwater Canyon.

But the party itself was fun, and of course I made myself useful as the unofficial photographer. Enjoy.

Empress Pavilion food

Christmas catering by Empress Pavilion. Yummy.

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