The $20 project

Is it just good luck that David Markland came up with another ingenious Metroblogging series called $20 project, just after I spent the last of a $20 bill I found in a parking lot? You decide.

Yeah, on a recent Friday, I went to El Pollo Loco in Sherman Oaks for dinner. I shunned the long line at the drive thru and was in and out in about 10 minutes or less. But when I got to my car, there was this folded $20 bill, right next to my car door. I was amazed, and I even looked around to see if there was someone nearby who had accidentally dropped it (I’ve once lost $100 cash out of my pocket, so I know the anguish), but the nearest person was sitting in a car with a baby, about 20 yards away, not looking anywhere in my direction, not looking as if she just sat down. So I picked up the forlorn bill and gave it a new home — in my purse.

I was unsure of what to do with my newfound treasure. Heheh. Immediately, I called my husband and was like “I found a $20 bill!” Then he said, “great! You’ve been saying you need new shoes or a haircut, get to it!” I was like, “but…!” What I really wanted was a new, long sweater to lounge in — especially at work, where it tends to get chilly in the office, and I walk out at the end of my night shift to 60 degrees or less.

In the end, I didn’t spend the $20 on any of that. Here’s the breakdown:

$2 tithe
$1.50 Cup O’Noodles (I know, I was robbed!)
$1 chips at work
$8 (more or less) lunch at Pick Up Stix
$4 for a tip at Applebee’s

And honestly? I can’t remember what else I spent it on. I do know that I’ve run out of bills, and I have $1.65 in change in my purse pocket. Ah well, there you have it. Maybe I bought gum or candy somewhere along the way. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did.