Heroes season finale already?!


If you were watching Heroes like I was tonight, your jaw might have dropped like mine did when you saw “Finale” flash at the end of next week’s preview.

Did “Finale!?? Already!? But it’s only November!!!!!!” flash through your mind? Yeah, mine too. I wondered, does this mean end of the season?! Or end of the story arc? Turns out both. I found this old TV Buddy article:

One day after NBC announced it was doing away with the Heroes: Origins spin-off miniseries, now comes word that, in preparation for the now inevitable strike, the Heroes team is retooling the end of its December 3 episode so that it works not just as the end to the second chapter, titled “Generations,” but also as an end to the second season.
That’s right, if the strike moves forward and doesn’t end quickly, the second season of Heroes may be over a whole lot faster than you expected. Scheduled to be episode 11, if the December 3 episode does in fact serve as the season finale, it would mean the Heroes year is more than halfway over.

Ahem. If I may say so, this sucks. It’s already bad enough that it seems like not enough questions have been answered (How did Sylar lose his powers? Is Adam Monroe, therefore Claire and Peter, immortal? Now, who are the two heroes who are going to die??), but now we’ve only had just over two months of Heroes. FOR THE WHOLE SEASON. That sucks.

I don’t know who to thank more – the writers or the studios. Argh.