AAJA heading for Hollywood

OK, this may not be interesting to anyone else but me, but the Asian American Journalists Association just confirmed that L.A. will be the site for its 2010 convention. Woohoo!

At its fall meeting held November 9-10, 2008 in San Francisco, the AAJA Governing Board approved the AAJA Los Angeles chapter’s bid to host the 21st Annual National Convention, August 4-7, 2010.Negotiations are now being finalized with the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, California to be the host hotel and meeting facility.

This will be the third AAJA convention to be hosted by the L.A. chapter, the first two being in 1993 and 1987. Los Angeles is the birthplace of AAJA, and the chapter — being among AAJA’s largest — has more than 200 members.

This is exciting for me since many of my AAJA friends who live across the country will be in my hometown for the convention. I’ve seen a bit of the country through AAJA conventions — New York, San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami — so it’ll be exciting to take them around my hometown for once.