Bixby Knolls a year later

I know that today is the anniversary of the Bixby Knolls’ Halloween attack. Forgive me for not writing about it sooner — there were all sorts of fires going on and I couldn’t seem to tear myself away. But what could I say that’s not going to be reiterated by the LAT or the Long Beach PT or even my own station? Not much. Except for the fact that maybe I’m the only one willing to take a look at these kids’ Myspace pages to try and discern for myself if the ordeal has had any impact on their lives. As you can see, I provided screen shots of their pages, but not their addresses or the kids’ names. That’s not my job. If you like, you can dig through this article and find their pages on your own.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think so. Especially at this one kid’s page. This is the same Anthony Ross whose page I found last year, thanks to one LAT report. His page is now locked down, as you can see, but his “username” — the title above his picture — is still essentially the same, sporting the same “cc” that prosecutors claimed were characteristic of Crips associates. Interestingly, I found a discussion on this listserv:

Similarly, since the letters ‘CK’ stood for ‘Crip killer’, the Crip gang avoided any use of the letters ‘ck’. If the word, such as ‘kick back’ required a ‘ck’, they would instead write a double ‘cc’, as in ‘kicc bacc’.

Now, most of the pages seem to be pretty tame or simply locked down. But that’s because you didn’t see them last year. I know their pages were way more tricked out. At least two of these kids had the good sense to lock their pages down so curious looky loos like myself can’t try to see in their minds through their Myspace pages anymore.

I’m not entirely sure that there’s much else to say about these kids. They don’t seem remorseful — if their pages are any indication of anything. All these pages feature pictures of them grinning big or posing with friends like nothing ever happened that sent them to juvenile hall for several months. I just don’t understand it. If I were a parent of one of these kids, I would have taken down my kid’s Myspace page as soon as it became a point of attack by a prosecutor, regardless of whether I believed my kid was guilty or not.

I just hope these kids can get themselves straightened out, stop hanging out with the wrong people and focus on school. All of them claim to look at Jesus as a hero, but their actions really don’t seem to support what they claim. Since when did Jesus shy from telling the truth, even when it got Him killed? I don’t believe all these kids participated in the beating, but I know they know who did. It’s just their bad they decided to take the fall for the actions of others.