Another friend, another wedding

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On Sunday, my buddy Josh (and former Glendale News-Press coworker) got married to his longtime girlfriend, Nicole. It was a great wedding, and they were able to surprise me with several aspects — kind of a shock considering how many weddings I’ve decorated and been to. I was surprised by the remote location — the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, tucked into Simi Valley’s hills, is absolutely gorgeous, although the drive to the location was much like our drive up Mt. Haleakala and the drive from was pitch-black, slow and painstaking. I was also absolutely thrilled by their Photo Booth — a literal booth that allowed people to take four sets of pictures. A table next to the booth had scrapbooking materials and scissors. It was oodles of fun. I’ll post my Photo Booth pictures in my Wedding Decorator blog later.