An evening of trivia

Trivia Bowl

Cue the *dun dun dun dun!* music. A new winner has taken the coveted Rice Bowl trophy, but unfortunately it wasn’t us and unfortunately it was bunch of lawyers — AGAIN.

CBS 2/KCAL 9's Team I

This year, though, I was on what I think is a powerhouse team — including our Assistant News Director Paul Button (in the foreground, in the glasses), Managing Editor Paul Skolnick (right underneath the sign), Executive News Producer Jeff Soto (in the blue visor), reporters Suzie Suh and Dave Malkoff and my own work spouse, Alan Carter (sitting next to Dave Malkoff). Don’t worry, Trin knows about my work spouse.

Trivia Bowl scores

We did quite well, thank you very much. And actually, I thought most of the broadcast teams scored quite well. This shot is, I think, before the second to the last round. We ended up tying for fourth or fifth place — I think. Basically, the highest scoring teams of the night landed on the last score page, including us, ABC 7 and NBC4. Maybe the broadcast teams are getting tired of landing in the middle and are stepping it up in terms of recruiting for the event (I know I was). Ahem, it seems KTLA didn’t get the memo — but then again, they are the only team to have scored lowest twice in the history of Trivia Bowl. Fong & Chung/Stuart Folinsky ended up taking the trophy. Damn lawyers!

Darleene Powells and Alan Carter

How did I do??? Well, I knew they were going to throw in a Madeleine L’Engle question, but I was kind of disappointed in how easily it was phrased. I fully expected them to ask about another one of her well-known books in the Murray series or about the scientific terms she used in her novels or whatever. I also excelled in a few of the California-centric questions — I knew that Pomona had been named for the Roman goddess of fruit (all that Greek and Roman mythology in my head comes in handy, finally!) and I guessed that the Metro Green Line ended in Norwalk, the eastern-most city along the line.

I also took notes, to help me “study up” for next year’s Trivia Bowl. Heehee. I have more pictures in my Flickr stream.