A whale of a disposal problem

This article in the LAT is unintentionally (I hope) funny as it discusses the pitfalls of having to dispose of a whale carcass that washes up on city or county shores.

What to do with a dead whale is no small problem.

Tow it to sea and it just might come back — as did the remains of a 70-ton blue whale that washed up on Malibu beaches twice last week.

Stick it in the ground and its oils might leach back into the ocean, drawing sharks eager for dinner. That happened with a whale buried at a popular San Diego County surfing spot in 2003.

Blow it up and you just might end up showering blubber on hapless spectators, as did the state of Oregon in a 1970 incident still kept pungently alive on the Internet and in columns by humorist Dave Barry.

Maybe its more bemused? I don’t know. But its unfortunate that so many cities in SoCal have had to deal with this problem recently.