Trivia Bowl ISO players, volunteers*

Last year, both Joz and I extolled the virtues of AAJA-LA’s Trivia Bowl event — the comedy, the salaciousness, the trivia. Unfortunately, the damn lawyers keep winning. Isn’t this supposed to be a journalist’s event??? Yeah, it does benefit (up and coming and student) journalists in the form of scholarships and stipends. Otherwise, its a winner-takes-all deal.

So here’s your chance to either volunteer (and maybe do reconnaissance for next year?) or play. Volunteers are needed to set up, clean up and monitor during the game. Players are needed to fill out teams that are short. If you’re down for some trivia, leave a comment and I’ll hook you up with the email. Or you might want to put together your own team? I’m not entirely sure on those details, but you can probably ask the lady behind the email I have about that, too.

To your right is the coveted Rice Bowl, the trophy won by the winning team of Trivia Bowl, lifted from the Trivia Bowl X slideshow.

*I forgot to mention: The event is on October 19 at the Japanese American National Museum.

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