Prettiest library ever?

I’m pretty sure the Agoura Hills public library is the prettiest library in the county. When I went here a couple of weeks ago for the first time, I was shocked at how pretty it is. It’s location on Ladyface Court is relatively new — the library moved here (in the same complex as Agoura Hills City Hall) in October of 2001.

I mean, just look at this little walkway, on the edge of a circular courtyard. On a lazy day off, I can easily imagine coming out with my free library books and settling down on that bench to enjoy the sunset.

Secure in the belief that this is one of the prettiest libraries in the county, I set out to prove it with pictures. This is the entry of the library — I’m standing in the “Friends of the Library” section, where they keep stuff that’s for sale. Check out those woodsy eaves and the enticing shelves of CDs and DVDs available for borrowing. FYI, I tried to take these pictures on the down low, since I’m not entirely sure what the policy is on taking pictures at a public library. I was also not trying to look like a pedophile, thank you very much. Technically, I think you should be able to take pictures at a public library, since it is public property.

Here, among the shelves and turnstiles of popular fiction, there are study tables alongside windows that look out onto these great trees.

I love the decor of this library — its so welcoming. I think it actually looks more welcoming than Barnes & Noble or Borders, where so many — including myself — are guilty of spending way too much time, and thus too much money.

I shot the children’s section through shelves — it turned out pretty all right, and I didn’t get any kids in the picture. Whew.

So, with this post, I am issuing a challenge to other bloggers — get out and check out your local library. Take pictures and post them, and if you think they’re as welcoming and handsome as the Agoura Hills library, well, we’ll see. Why the challenge? Well, I tend to think we (not just blogger, everyone) don’t spend enough time in our libraries. Our counties and cities have spent a lot of money upgrading a lot of them, yet, we have no idea about them! So this challenge, in a way, is a shout out to my library and community and a way for you to do the same. Just, uh, be careful about taking those pictures.

Also, I think that the Central Library in downtown should be disqualified from the get go — obviously its a favorite for many. The point is for all of you to visit your local libraries and share them with the world.

And if you want to visit the Agoura Hills library yourself, its at 29901 Ladyface Court in Agoura Hills and is open Monday through Wednesday, 10 to 8, and on Thursday through Saturday from 10 to 5.

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  1. beFrank

    I don’t know if you know her, but Karina on the assignment desk is the daughter of one of the architectural designers of many of LA’s librarys

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