OK, I give up

So I’ve been trying for the last week to make my new theme compatible with Internet Explorer. If you’ve been reading this redesign on IE, you might not know its supposed to be three columns. I’ve tried to adjust the widths, the css, I’ve removed all the widgets and put them back in, one by one, to figure out what’s been messing up the columns — since the original theme apparently works with IE. But the one plugin I really love and really want to use — Another Flickr, that shows off my flickr pictures (even the super old ones!) — keeps messing up the columns. I don’t have this problem at all in Firefox.

So…..I’m going to take this opportunity to really urge those of you who have been regularly reading my site (ahem, Fluteprayer, ahem) to download Firefox. Seriously, you won’t regret it — Firefox is SO MUCH BETTER than IE, plus you can customize it to have all the search engines you use regularly and you can get new themes for it, like this BibleFox theme. :)

Seriously. I can’t keep messing with this thing. Just download Firefox. For your betterment and my sanity.

2 thoughts on “OK, I give up

  1. FlutePrayer

    Dudette-I’m actually using the Maxthon browser. I have Firefox downloaded. I forget why I stopped using it. Anyway, I’ve got your site loaded into both browsers at this very minute. It looks the same on both, except the flicker pictures are still trying to load on the Firefox browser. I see 3 columns, I see 3 columns…

    Seriously, thanks for the advice. You are my technology hero!

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