Cool Flickr finds

I was looking for a way to include Flickr photos of weddings for the Wedding Decorator blog when I stumbled on a bunch of new Flickr widget offerings. I found this flash-based Flickr widget here. Note: I had an example of it here, but it kept slowing down my site, so I took it off. Just click the link!

And if you’re tired of your Flickr badge (although, you can now do an HTML one in a different format — wait, have they always had those?), try a Flickr Daily Zeitgeist.

I also found this Widgetbox Flickr Slideshow widget. It’s a lot more versatile, but only shows one photo at a time. It’s not bad. But I still love my Another Flickr plugin in my sidebar, even though it messes up the layout for IE6 users — dude, it shows pictures of Kip as a kitten! How could you not love that??