Your Asian newscasters back on the job

You must have noticed when Suzie Suh wasn’t around last week?

It’s because she was at the AAJA convention with a bunch of LA’s other Asian newscasters.

Gordon Tokumatsu of KNBC.

Jinah Kim of NBC News’ LA bureau sang karaoke with Lee Ann Kim of KGTV in San Diego.

David Ono, of course, was all over the convention — here, he was emceeing the National Journalism Awards Luncheon with Victoria Lim, of WFLA in Florida.

And here’s Mr. Ono again, browsing items at the silent auction with Ted Chen of KNBC.

Oh, and here’s a familiar face — Kyung Lah, formerly of KNBC, now with CNN. She was also one of the panelists who discussed when race should and does become part of the news.

And as a bonus, here’s a picture of Trinity and I with Tina Kim, a former broadcast reporter turned comedienne, after her performance at the Karaoke Night.

One thought on “Your Asian newscasters back on the job

  1. Hey girl,
    Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m back up on The Not-So News/JBLA. I hope to be broadcasting as often as possible.
    See you soon,

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